Soluvation becomes strategic business partner for Aquatime for the Netherlands.

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Aquatime enters the Dutch market and initiates collaboration with Soluvation in distribution, sales and support of Aquatime, the intelligent drinking glass for the prevention of dehydration, in the Dutch market.

In a world where the elderly population is growing, dehydration among the elderly has become a critical, economic and practical challenge for the care and health sector as well as a major inconvenience to the elderly citizen.  

Aquatime – the intelligent drinking glass

Aquatime is an intelligent drinking glass which continuously monitors fluid intake, shows the drinking status on the glass and sends data to caregivers, health professionals and possibly relatives. Fluid intake is accurately detected using a load cell and an accelerometer, and intelligent algorithms are used to optimize fluid intake and sort out fluid that e.g. poured into the sink. Aquatime detects potential dehydration among the elderly (Examination phase), encourages the elderly to drink (Habit change phase) and maintains the elderly's good drinking routines (Maintenance phase)   

The glass is the result of an Innovation Partnership project and has been developed in close collaboration with citizens and health and care staff.  

“At Soluvation we want to make a difference in healthcare. We want to improve the quality of life of the elderly and make the job of the health care staff easier so they have more quality time with their patients/clients.”

Mark van Gelder (Solvation)

“Our solution fits very well to the Dutch market and Soluvation is the ideal partner for us, with their large network and many years of experience in sales and support of welfare technology solutions in the Dutch Market. We look forward to a close and successful collaboration with Soluvation in the years to come.” 

Kim Toft Madsen (Aquatime)

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