AQUATIME - the intelligent drinking glass

An IoT-based and button-free drinking glass that monitors and automatically notifies the caregiver and resident.

More than just a glass

AQUATIMEis an IoT-based CareTech solution for monitoring fluid intake. AQUATIMEis an intelligent drinking glass that continuously monitors fluid intake, displays drinking status on the glass and sends data to caregivers, healthcare professionals and relatives.

Fluid intake is accurately detected using a weighing cell and an accelerometer, and intelligent algorithms are used to optimize fluid intake and weed out liquids that are poured into the sink, for example.

AQUATIME drinking data is automatically summarized and the solution provides relevant insights and notifications tailored to carers, healthcare professionals and the needs of the elderly.

More than just another IoT product

Online connection

No buttons - all settings of the glass are made online and transmitted afterwards

Standalone system

Complete standalone system - IoT device and connection in the Cloud

API Developed

Possibility of integration to IT systems and platforms used in healthcare

Adapted to the nursing home

Is adapted to existing processes and routines in home care / nursing homes

Accessed from a smartphone, tablet or computer

On the bottom of the glass, the status is displayed in display, and as a genuine Internet of Things (IoT) product, data is sent up into the cloud so that status and various statistics can be followed remotely by the caregiver.

Data is stored completely without sensitive content, and statistics/graphs can be easily accessed from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Information collection

See drink information on the individual citizen, right down to the smallest detail. Use smartphone, tablet or computer and follow the intake.

Amount of fluid drunk

  • Per. filling
  • Per sip
  • Per emptying
  • Cold/hot liquid

Frequency and statistics

  • Per day
  • Per weekday
  • Per month
  • Nudging needs