Terms Conditions

Privacy Policy

  • Data transmitted from the device using GSM narrowband only contains liquid volume measurements and a device ID. The data cannot be used to identify a person.
  • Log-in information (user name and password) is securely stored in our database and the password will be hashed and encrypted.
  • The cloud-based service is hosted in the EU with HTTPS communication
  • Any attempt to log-in on our server will be logged with IP address. There log-ins will be saved for one month in order to prevent unauthorized access to our systems.
  • Any sharing/integration of data with third party systems may only take place in collaboration with the responsible persons for this third party system and with acceptance by the user. The manufacturer of AquaTime cannot be successfully liable for any personal data in this scenario as we consider the third party as being data responsible.
  • The manufacturer may collect acceptance from the user to collect data from drinking routines and related information regarding the classification of data in order to be able to provide service, guidance and advice based on historical drinking data.
  • Any user information will not be in some form suitable for identification of the user, however it is the right of the User at any time to request information regarding any personal information stored by the manufacturer by contacting the Data Responsible Officer Kim Paulsen at