AQUATIME initiates a cooperation with Social- and Healthcare schools

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Aquatime has in collaboration with “The Knowledge Centers for Welfare Technology” entered an agreement to introduce the intelligent drinking glass, Aquatime, into the education for healthcare students at the 14 Social- and Healthcare schools in Denmark, of which 8 of the schools have already received Aquatime solutions.

Aquatime – the intelligent drinking glass

Aquatime is a cloud-based welfare technology IoT solution for preventing dehydration. Aquatime is an intelligent drinking glass that continuously monitors fluid intake, displays drinking status on the glass and sends data to healthcare professionals.

Perspectives in the cooperation

The Aquatime solution is intended as a part of the pensum where students among other things will use the Welfare Technology Assessment model in a task that includes the Aquatime Intelligent glass. "With Aquatime, students get an excellent practical insight into how a relatively simple Welfare Technology IoT product can help making the everyday life easier for the Healthcare assistant and at the same time increase the quality of life for the elderly," says Thomas Ketel Eggersen, Knowledge Center Coordinator at the Knowledge Center for Welfare Technology Western Denmark. Kim Toft Madsen, CEO at Aquatime says: "We are happy and proud to become part of the pensum at the Social- and Healthcare schools, so that students can see how welfare technology can make the everyday life easier by replacing manual processes, like the handling of “Fluid Balance Charts”, with our intelligent drinking glass."

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Knowledge Centre Coordinator, Thomas Ketel Eggersen, Knowledge Centre for Welfare Technology Western Denmark at tel. +45 21 44 68 62 or

CEO, Kim Toft Madsen, Aquatime on +45 51 60 10 01 or  

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About the Knowledge Center for Welfare Technology, Western Denmark

The Knowledge Centre for Welfare Technology Western Denmark aims to prepare students within healthcare to the labor market of the future, where welfare technology will have an increasingly important role.

The Knowledge Centre collects and develops knowledge in three focus areas: welfare technology, simulation, and innovative learning. 

About Aquatime

Aquatime is a young Danish CareTech company that develops, markets, delivers, supports, and maintains market-leading, intelligent, and intuitive IoT solutions to prevent dehydration in Denmark and internationally. The customer group is the public and private health and care sector. The company is located in Copenhagen.