The Danish Caretech company has just signed an agreement with Inverblois and the Miguel Rosa Morán Foundation, the owners of a large number of nursing homes in Spain.

May 20, 2021 was a really good day for Aquatime. This was the first time that the intelligent drinking glass, which prevents dehydration by measuring fluid intake and by motivating, was put into use on foreign soils. 

This happened at the Residencia Rosalba nursing home in the town of Mérida, Spain, where 20 residents have initially been selected to use the glass in their everyday lives. 

Aquatime's CEO Kim Toft Madsen was present at Residencia Rosalba, where he helped to implement the solution. He was pleased to see how quickly both residents and caregivers embraced it.  

There were broad smiles when Miguel Angel Rosa (left), CEO of Rosalba Group, and Kim Toft Madsen (right), ceo of Aquatime, were able to sign the contract.

"Already within the first few hours, other residents from the nursing home came up to the management of the resident to ask if they could not also be allowed to have a intelligent drinking glass. 

It is absolutely fantastic for us to be able to come up with a solution that really makes a difference in the area of health.
Whether we are in Denmark, Spain or elsewhere in the world, there are challenges in ensuring that the elderly remember to drink enough and avoid dehydrating. We have a mission to change that, says Kim Toft Madsen.

Great potential in Spain

Dehydration among the elderly is a major problem throughout the world, but especially in countries with high temperatures such as Spain, where the general fluid requirement is already high. Therefore, the Aquatime glass is an optimal solution for nursing homes and home care in these areas, as the staff do not have to make manual schedules of the fluid intake of the individual citizen, as the glass can measure how much the individual user drinks. In addition, the glass also has a preventive effect, as with, for example, a melody can help to remind the user to drink.  

If the Aquatime glass becomes the predicted success at Residencia Rosalba, it will already be distributed to other nursing homes in Spain later this year, says Kim Toft Madsen. 

- There is currently a lot of attention to the Aquatime project in Residencia Rosalba and as an example the project was in the News on the regional tv station when I was there. We have already signed an agreement with the owners behind Resindencia Rosalba, INVERBLOIS, S.L. &Y Fundación Miguel Rosa Morán, who owns several nursing homes in Spain under the name Rosalba Group. Both INVERBLOIS and MIGUEL ROSA MORÁN FONDEN are constantly seeking to improve the service and quality of life of the residents of Grupo Rosalba and to help staff implement this improvement more easily. This, of course, perfectly matches Aquatime.

Can help many more 

In addition to the nursing home in Spain, Aquatime is currently also in use in the Danish care and health sector, where even more projects are expected to be carried out over the summer. But it doesn't stop here, says Kim Toft Madsen.  

- The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in a temporary stop to our expansion, but now Aquatime is ready to become a permanent and natural part of the Danish care and health sector. Our starting point has always been with Denmark in mind first, but we have very quickly become aware that Aquatime can and must be used all over the world. Therefore, right now we are in dialogue with some large international partners who are going to help us in our international expansion, says Kim Toft Madsen.

On June 21, the Aquatime director flies back to Spain to implement the Aquatime glass in a regional nursing home in the Extramadura region not far from Residencia Rosalba. It also allows him to meet with the regions health officials for a talk about the further implementation of Aquatime in the region.